Irvine Food Court

Persian Cuisine

Our Persian cuisine is Wholesome Choice’s signature cuisine. Perisan food is a rich bounty of the freshest ingredients expertly prepared by master chefs to create a sumptuous and deeply fulfilling dining experience. In our cuisine we server a variery of Kabobs and Middle eastern dishes with a great quality at unbelievably low prices.

Indian Cuisine

From Mumbai to the majestic Taj Mahai, Indian cuisine is as diverse as it’s country. This wonderful cuisine reflects this attitude and adventurous nature.At Wholesome Choice we have brought this complex, diverse cuisine right to you to enrich your dining experiences.

Italian Cuisine

Italian cooking is among the world's richest and most varied, with dishes perfect for every occasion, from the quick late night snack (spagetties, pastas and lasagnas ). We are offering the freshest meats, breads, special sauces and imported pastas that are the heart of fine Italian cooking.

Chinese and Thai Cuisine

The Chinese and Thai food here at Wholesome Choice Foods is prepared by our professional chefs to reflects the standard in lovely Hong Kong, absolutely fresh, quickly prepared and subtly seasoned to perfection. We offer you the highest quality available, at unbelievably low prices.

American and Mexican Cuisine

Our Mexican food is without a doubt some of the best available - from our succulent Carne Asada to our combination burritos packed with meat, black beans and of course homemade salsa.

Arabic Cuisine

From the freshest ingredients to the most succulent meats, perfectly prepared with the utmost in creativity in blending spices and herbs. A few suggested favorites – the well known, and much celebrated such as Shawarma kebob, Felafel and more.