At Wholesome Choice our sangak flatbread is legendary, here in Orange County. Sangak is the reason our customers happily chat and wait in line for this Persian treasure. Hot from our hearthstone oven, Sangak is a four foot long sourdough flatbread with a tender, smoky and rustic flavor which is deeply satisfying. Sangak is our signature bread - that incredible aroma you smell wafting through the air as you shop, is this delicious specialty bread. Tt is a must not miss! We also feature an extraordinary selection of fine breads, baked fresh throughout the day - from the crusty traditional Mediterranean style to French and Italian baguettes. We also offer the traditional Persian breads - such barbari, mashadi and Persian sweet bread, all baked fresh daily. For our whole grain lovers we have selections from Organic stone ground whole wheat wheat to multi-whole grain offerings. We also offer an array of fine specialty breads from around the world.